Space Bot

What is a Space Bot?

This is an effective earning tool that provides partners with earnings of up to 15% per month on the PRIZM coin paramining.

Where does the interest come from?

Due to the joint paramining of the PRIZM cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

To ensure the maximum percentage of paramining for everyone, we use our own wallets and the wallets of our bot’s partners.

What is paramining?

(Where does this % come from)

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Can I withdraw my profit immediately?

Yes. Coins mined by means of a joint paramining are distributed on a daily basis and are available for withdrawal from your balance.

If you want to increase your income, do not withdraw the coins. Reinvest them instead.


We have an affiliate program that can bring earnings up to 15% from the 9 lines (without limiting partners in lines). The affiliate program is available when you Deposit 100 PZM.

🤝 How and where can you sell/buy Prizm?


On cryptocurrency exchanges and P2P platforms:

🏦 Exchange house 🔜

🏦 Exchange house 🔜

🤝 p2p exchange 🔜

BUYING on P2P platforms is the most convenient way.

P2P platforms allow you to buy or sell the PRIZM cryptocurrency without any intermediary agents directly using popular payment methods in your region, online transfer: through a Bank, electronic payment systems, and even directly by cash.


To buy PRIZM on a P2P platform:

1. Get registered using the links above.

2. Go to the PRIZM “Purchase” section.

3. Select an ad that is convenient for you and click the «Buy» button.

4. Enter the necessary amount of PRIZM coins and send a request for a deal.

5. Following the steps of the deal, transfer the payment to the seller and you will get PRIZM on the balance of your account.


How can you top up your Bot account?

1 Go to the «Wallet» section — «Top up».

2 Transfer the desired number of Prizm (PZM) coins.

How can you deposit to/withdraw from Paramining?


1 Go to the “Wallet» tab – “Deposit to paramining”

2 Write (in figures) the amount for paramining (at least 100 PZM).

You will be charged 15% for referral fees.

Further you will receive a notification: «Deposit made”

The Deposit is accrued once every 24 hours once the coins are deposited!


1 Go to the “Affiliate program” tab – “Withdraw from paramining”

2 Write (in figures) the number of coins for withdrawal from paramining (at least 1 PZM).

The interests for the withdrawal are NOT charged. You can withdraw from paramining at any time (but not earlier than the day after you put on paramining, as interest of the profit is accrued once every 24 hours)

What interest will you get and what does it depend on?

The interest of your paramining depends on how long (the number of days) the mined coins are kept on the Par balance and varies from 0.5  each step being 0.036 per day.

The bot ensures an average monthly interest rate of paramining starting from 15% up to 18%, which depends on your Deposit and is accrued to your balance DAILY.

What is a referral program and how to make earnings based on it?


A referral program is an affiliate program that allows its members to get an additional passive income.


To activate the opportunity of being part of the affiliate program, you will need to Deposit at least 118 PRIZM coins to paramining.

After that, your affiliate link will appear in the «Affiliate program» section. Share the link and get % from the Deposit of the attracted partners.

Levels for partner accruals:

1 — 6%

2 — 2%

3 — 1%

4 — 1%

5 — 1%

6 — 1%

7 — 1%

8 — 1%

9 — 1%

⚠️ The number of partners in each line is not limited

Where can you see whom you invited and who invited you to the bot (username) and your username in the bot?

The “Affiliate program» tab displays both your username and the username of the person who invited you to the referral program as well as all your invitees up to the 9th line.

Where and how can you view all your account transactions?

In the «Settings» tab — «Reports”

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