Prizm and Space Bot

Paramining or forging is a process of mining of digital currencies using tokens that are stored on the balance of a cryptocurrency wallet. The process of mining of new coins is performed in a completely passive mode: to get the first profit, there is no need to purchase any expensive equipment or pay any electricity bills. Paramining is a unique technology that was originally developed to work with the Prizm cryptocurrency.

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Prizm paramining is based on the use of modern cryptotechnologies that have replaced more energy and time consuming POW systems. On average, one block is generated for 59 seconds, and the block formation time does not depend on the number of transactions.

Innovative technologies, ease of conversion, decentralization, high security rate and ergonomics of work with the token – these are the main advantages making the Prizm cryptocurrency the coin of the future.

The project is based on the telegram bot PrizmSpaceBot, which allows you to make earnings using a personal computer or a laptop, as well as a tablet or a smartphone running iOS or Android operating systems. Also, paramining has the following features:

  • Possibility to get profit from new involved partners (depending on the amount of tokens that are stored in their wallets);
  • Getting income by storing coins in the user’s wallet: the more tokens are listed on the balance, the higher the bonus.

What is a Space Bot?

Prizm Space Bot is a telegram bot aimed at earnings by means of paramining. Space bot is characterized by a wide range of functionality that enables to:

  • mine cryptocurrencies;
  • participate in the affiliate program (attract new holders of Prizm wallets);
  • take part in the paramatrix network (MLM) game.

Attention! At the moment, Prizm cryptocurrency acts as the main token in the Space bot.

Prizm Space bot has tools that allow you to check information on any wallet, including transaction statistics, balance and paramining profitability.

How can you make earnings?

After creating a wallet, replenishing it with 100 Prizm coins and getting registered in the bot, users get the opportunity to make earnings on paramining. In case there are no attracted partners, the earning capacity from paramining will be minimal – this is due to the fact that only those coins that are in the user’s wallet will «work”.

To increase the forging profitability with the Prizm coin, new partners are attracted to the system – team paramining is beneficial for all network participants. When partners interact, the speed of creating of a new block increases, and the profitability increases up to a stable rate of 0.53% per day. A breakeven takes place in 112, 125, and 143 days, depending on the initial deposit amount. After getting confirmation from the network, users are immediately rewarded.

Attention! Prizm paramining requires daily distribution of mined coins among the users. The number of distributed Prizm tokens depends on the initial number of coins in the user’s wallet.

How can you register a wallet?

To register a new wallet, you need:

  1. To install the official Prizm Wallet software. The software runs on Windows and MacOS operating systems;
  2. To open a browser-based web client by clicking the link:
  3. In order to create a wallet, click on the Registration button located in the upper right corner;

  1. To generate a private key: in the window that appears, you need to add 16 Latin characters to the already existing key, or to create a completely new one consisting of 113 Latin characters. After the key is generated, a pop-up window will appear with the full private key. It is shown only once when creating a new wallet;

  1. Next, you need to click the Sign In button to proceed to the next stage of the wallet registration;
  2. To complete the registration of the wallet, it needs to be activated. There are several ways to do this:
  3. Make a transaction to the wallet, so that the information about the completed operation will get into the Blockchain, and the wallet will be activated;
  4. Send the address and public key to the user who provided the affiliate link.
  5. To get full requisite details, using the link with the address of the wallet.

Attention! The loss of the private key means that you cannot access the accumulated tokens. To avoid this, it is necessary to duplicate the key on paper, and save the file with the key data in a safe place.

Registration in Prizm Space Bot

In order to get registered in Prizm space bot, you need to go to @PRIZMSPACEBOT in Telegram and click the «Start» button. At this stage, creating an account in the bot is completed. To start earning, you need to go to the «Deposit» item, after that the bot will give you the address of the user’s wallet.

To start forging, you need to replenish the bot’s wallet. To do this, you need to transfer the coins from BIT.TEAM, and then click the «Add to paramining» button.

Prizm Space Bot affiliate program

The affiliate program foreseen in paramining allows you to increase your wallet balance by using tokens of your partners participating in forging. After the attracted users start buying PRIZM tokens, the balance of the wallet starts increasing.

To activate the referral program, you need to make a Deposit of at least 118 PRIZM coins, then copy the referral link in the «Affiliate program» section. By recommending the others to use the possibility of working with the bot and making a profit from paramining, the user attracts new members to the network and increases his/her own profit.

PRIZM paramining provides 9 levels of referral charges: 6%-2%-2%-1%-1%-0,5%-0,5%-1%-1%.

Space Bot Output

Prizm SpaceBot is a full-fledged pool for the holders of PRIZM cryptocurrency. The balance is managed by the developers of the bot, and due to the large-scale referral program and a big volume of tokens, they provide the opportunity to get the maximum profit ratio ensured by multifiers.

Using the bot allows you to conduct PRIZM mining from different devices: a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of paramining with Prizm Space Bot

Paramining is an effective, extremely simple way to make a profit, with a yield of 0.53% per day. You can manage transactions, replenish your account balance, or withdraw funds using Prizm SpaceBot.

A user ensures an increase of his/her own profit by recommending Prizm SpaceBot to the referrals. Coins deposited on the profit balance by the partners participate in the creation of the Prizm block. After that the tokens are distributed among all the members of the affiliate program.

Paramining has a yield of 0.53 per day. The affiliate program Prizm consists of 9 levels, that allows you to make a profit not only with your own tokens, but also with the coins of the attracted partners. The minimum Deposit is 100 Prizm coins.

Is Space Bot a fraud or not?

Some users treat Prizm SpaceBot with some mistrust due to the following factors:

  • No need to use expensive equipment;
  • Relatively recent appearance of the PRIZM coin (May 2019), and Space bot (August 2019);
  • Сrypto-mining via Telegram: mistrust, in particular, is caused by the partial blocking of the messenger on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In fact, users have no reason to worry due to the following advantages of PRIZM paramining:

  • Forging prevents a network attack;
  • High network speed: new blocks are generated every minute;
  • Instant confirmation of transactions;
  • Сomments to tranactions are codified;
  • PRIZM can be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Prizm SpaceBot is a tool that facilitates the process of forging and distribution of tokens, as well as attracting of new partners to the network.

Registration PrizmSpaceBot